I'm a North Carolina investor that wants to support local companies.

If you are a North Carolina based investor that would like to begin supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses, there are now options for both accredited and unaccredited investors to participate in intrastate crowdfunding. 

Using the FundingStack™, the only intrastate funding portal to receive a notice of effectiveness of registration from the NC Secretary of Stateyou can easily browse offerings, register as an investor, and begin the invaluable process of helping startup and early-phase North Carolina businesses grow.

What to expect as an investor:

Step 1  Initial Research 

  • Explore NC-based offerings on InvestinNC.com  
  • Determine an initial desire to invest in one or more available offerings 

Step 2 – Confirm Residency 

Step 3 – Detailed Research 

  • Sign non-disclosure agreements to access more detailed information on the companies in which you are interested. 
  • Decide how much you would like to invest 

Step 4 – Invest 

  • Review and electronically sign the company’s offering documents 
  • Review and electronically sign the escrow agreement 
  • Send money to escrow agent  

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