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Cape Fear Advanced Circulation Center

Cape Fear Advanced Circulation Center (CFACC) combines both massage and vascular therapy, featuring BEMER technology, to improve the body’s self-regulating processes related to circulation and oxygen flow.

MISSION: CFACC’s mission is to provide proven, non-invasive therapies for all ages, from pediatric to geriatric, that improve holistic health and quality of life to members of the local community.

MANAGEMENT: Tammi D’Agostino, a licensed, massage body work therapist of over 15 years, and Nancy Politan, a veteran in the medical industry, and both certified BEMER therapists, came together under a shared vision of helping individuals feel better. With proven success in their individual practices, they quickly recognized that by combining forces they could service a greater population to help achieve their mission.

MARKET: The integrative medicine market is experiencing rapid growth in all populations affected by exorbitant and escalating healthcare costs. CFACC will capitalize on this trend by offering high-value therapeutic solutions that focus on whole body sessions for optimal health and wellness. Proven effective, BEMER technology in combination with massage therapy will become the standard for proactive care as it relates to vascular health, healing, performance, recovery, and regeneration.

HEADQUARTERS: Wilmington, North Carolina

Campaigns: All Campaigns, Women-Owned

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