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Welcome to the INVESTinNC.com Blog
2/6/19 9:25 AM

Investment Crowdfunding: Helping Bridge the Funding Gap for Existing Businesses

Back in 2010, as the CEO of a seven year-old software company, I decided to move from Boston to Wilmington, NC. We had Fortune 500 customers, a steady growth rate, and a comfortable backlog of contracted work with recurring revenue.

1/15/19 10:05 AM

Investment Crowdfunding in North Carolina

At INVESTinNC our mission is to educate small business owners and investors in North Carolina about investment crowdfunding opportunities. A question we like to ask business owners in North Carolina is, "Have you experienced challenges when raising capital for your business?" Almost everyone we ask answers, "Yes".

If you are someone that would answer the same way, we would like to provide some helpful information on how accessing capital can be made easier.

12/18/18 11:10 AM

North Carolina Residents: Becoming A Smart Investor

Are you a North Carolina resident? If so, did you know you can now be an investor in North Carolina businesses too?

12/4/18 11:50 AM

Who Is The "Everyday Investor?"

We’ve all heard stories about “rich folks” that got even richer by getting in on an early-stage investment. These types of investments have been a federally regulated monopoly for decades, made only available to “accredited” investors. Accredited investors are those with a net worth of over $1MM, excluding the value of one's primary residence, or have income of at least $200,000 each year for the last two years (or $300,000 combined income if married) and have the expectation to earn the same amount again.

11/7/18 2:40 PM

The Types of Investors We See in Equity Crowdfunding

The small business owners who choose to use equity crowdfunding to expand operations, fund purchase orders, cover market expansion related to sales and marketing, or acquire additional capitalization to take advantage of other opportunities runs the gamut. From breweries and restaurants to product and service offerings including medical devices, moving companies, bed and breakfasts, and fundraising organizations all have seen value in exploring alternative financing through equity crowdfunding in addition to or in lieu of traditional banks, loans, or lines of credit.

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