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Investment Crowdfunding in North Carolina

Posted by Clem Seifert, Program Director, INVESTinNC on 1/15/19 10:05 AM

At INVESTinNC our mission is to educate small business owners and investors in North Carolina about investment crowdfunding opportunities. A question we like to ask business owners in North Carolina is, "Have you experienced challenges when raising capital for your business?" Almost everyone we ask answers, "Yes".

If you are someone that would answer the same way, we would like to provide some helpful information on how accessing capital can be made easier.

Why You Should Care About Investment Crowdfunding

The statistics that surround the most common sources of funding aren't always favorable to business owners. It can be pretty tough obtaining a loan, grant funding or venture capital investment to scale your company! Enter investment crowdfunding...

An investment crowdfunding campaign can be executed in three ways:

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Assemble a team and work with a broker-dealer
  3. Work with a team of specialized experts and authorized portal

Before making a choice, be sure to weigh your options and consider the costs and  effort each requires.

How it Works

  • First things first. Ask yourself, is investment crowdfunding right for you? (Are you planning to raise between $250K and $2 million?) If yes, great!
  • Prepare for your campaign and file your Notice of Intrastate Claim of Exemption (NCE)
  • Conduct your investment crowdfunding campaign
  • Close your campaign and prepare your compliant reports

Learn more here: https://www.investinnc.com/issuers 

Critical Success Factors

  • Present a compelling business case and offer. Ask yourself is this offer attractive to the investors I'm seeking?
  • Develop an effective marketing plan. To truly be successful in the investment crowdfunding arena, you need to be prepared to market your campaign appropriately.
  • Engage your crowd! Obviously, the main factor contributing to the success of your campaign is your crowd aka your investors!
  • Maintain compliance with NC PACES Act. An experienced team and authorized portal can help keep you in appraised and compliant.
  • Stay on target and efficient when it comes to timelines and deliverables. An important part of a successful raise is to abide by the established timelines and reporting requests.

Wait, There's More!

To learn more about INVESTinNC, investment crowdfunding in North Carolina and if this funding option is right for you and your business, let us know. In the meantime check out our overview video presentation provided below.

CF video


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