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Campaign Overview: Let's Wait

Posted by Clem Seifert, Program Director, INVESTinNC on 10/29/19 4:15 PM

In today's climate of the 'hook up' dating apps, Let's Wait is the first dating app designed for singles who want to build an emotional connection before a physical connection. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Let's wait is uniquely designed to provide transparency into a person's expectations for physical connections. Available on iOS and Android, the Let's Wait app helps singles find other singles who want to connect on a deeper level.

Businessman using smartphone against dating websiteManagement Team: Founder, Valarie Burke, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with deep experience in both public accounting and financial services industries, has spent years trying to balance the rewards of a professional career with the emotional needs of her personal life. Through her own experiences and independent research related to the practice of celibacy, the idea was born to create a mobile dating app which allowed singles to have more transparency into the physical intimacy expectations of those with whom they are connecting.

Market: Market research indicates that over 30% of singles in the US are interested in using a dating app specifically for celibate singles. In addition, over 28% of those surveyed were practicing celibacy at the time the research was conducted. With approximately 50 million Americans saying that they have or will continue to use websites or mobile dating apps in their pursuit of romance, Let’s Wait is targeting the approximate 15 million plus potential users who may have indicated interest in a celibacy-specific offering. 

To learn more about Let's Wait and explore the details of their campaign, click below.


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