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Local Funding, Everyday Investors, Shared Success

No longer is the opportunity to invest in early-stage or privately-held companies afforded to the 1%. Now that investment crowdfunding is available in North Carolina, hundreds of thousands of residents can invest in businesses to diversify their portfolios, help drive economic growth statewide, or simply support companies they love. And we’re not talking about rewards-based crowdfunding where you get a t-shirt for a few hundred bucks. Investment crowdfunding involves a real opportunity to support growing companies in which you can monetarily share in their success.

Local companies, those in specific industries, women owned, veteran owned, minority owned… all have a chance to benefit from the massive new pool of funding represented by hundreds of thousands of everyday investors located across North Carolina. We launched INVESTinNC to educate business owners and residents about how we can all benefit by coming together to support economic growth in North Carolina – and we invite you to join the crowd.

Active Campaigns

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Bloom For Good, LLC

Bloom offers product-based fundraising programs that support some of the largest youth organizations in the country including PGA Junior Golf (PGA), Future Farmers of America (FFA), 4-H and roughly 100,000 schools K-12.


Coming Soon!

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Black Claw Energy

Black Claw Energy provides commercial rooftop and ground-mounted solar installation with power grid tie-in and bundled battery storage, micro-grids, and solar hot water heat pumps and installation.
Marrins Moving logo

Marrins' Mooving

Marrins Mooving is a moving company that takes tremendous pride in their professional team of moving experts and center their offering on providing great customer care.
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Ryker USA

The Ryker Grip creates an entirely new and biomechanically superior shooting method significantly improving speed, accuracy, and stability for the operator.


Affinity Groups

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News & Articles

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